In order to appear on the ballot, I need to collect signatures from our fellow Wisconsinites. Any resident of Wisconsin who is eligible to vote can carry the petitions. It is only with your support that we will move Wisconsin Forward Again. Thank you.

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Petition Directions

  1. Print these forms as needed
  2. The person who collects the signature must be the one to sign the witness statement at the bottom. Do not use a form someone else has collected on.
  3. Do not sign the witness statement until after the page is completed.
  4. The dates of signatures must be in chronological order, if a line was skipped, skip it.
  5. Everyone who signs must be a resident of the State of Wisconsin.
  6. The contact information at the end is optional.
  7. Make sure signature, printed name, date and address, and municipality are legible.
  8. The address and municipality of residence must be where the voter is registered to vote.
  9. The voter only needs to complete the Printed Name and Signature, Fill in the date, address, municipality and contact information yourself.
  10. If the Signer makes a mistake, have them put a single line through the signature it and initial both sides of the line. Then move to the next line and start it over.

If you have any questions, please contact the campaign at:

Please return petitions to: