Scott Walker's time is up. For eight years he has failed Wisconsin and betrayed our values.
This is the Scott Walker who took away the rights of union workers. It's the Scott Walker who turned down federal dollars for Medicaid, preventing about 800,000 Wisconsinites from having health insurance, all for his own political gain.
It's not just that his policies fly in the face of our values, they have made our lives much worse in Wisconsin. Teachers are leaving the profession and the state in droves. Job growth and wages have lagged behind the rest of the country since he took over. Political corruption is at historic highs in Wisconsin.
Walker also stands with Donald Trump. After Trump humiliated him time and time again in 2016, Walker chose to be his lap dog. He praises Trump's awful economic policies and refuses to criticize Trump's terrible behavior. This year he has deflected questions about the Russia investigation, Trump's response to the Charlottsville tragedy, and Trump's lengthy history of sexual assualt allegations.
I'm an attorney, Navy veteran, and the former Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. I'm running because I can no longer sit back and watch Scott Walker destroy my state's proud progressive tradition. Wisconsin gave America kindergarten, Earth Day, worker's comp, and more. I'm running to move Wisconsin forward again.

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