For Immediate Release
March 5, 2018

(Milwaukee) – The Marquette University Law School Poll, released Monday, shows Democratic gubernatorial candidate Matt Flynn in a strong position. The poll found Flynn as one of the top three candidates in the Democratic primary, and he is the only candidate in the top three who is rising.

Flynn campaign manager said, “Clearly Matt Flynn’s message is resonating with Wisconsin voters. The Marquette poll proves that momentum is building for the Flynn campaign.”

The last statewide poll on the race for governor was taken in early January by Public Policy Polling. State Superintendent Tony Evers, Madison Mayor Paul Soglin, and State Senator Kathleen Vinehout were the top three candidates in that poll. Since then, Evers has fallen 11 percentage points, Soglin has fallen 3 points, and Vinehout has fallen 6 points. Meanwhile, Flynn has risen to the top three and sits just 2 percentage points behind Soglin.

Flynn is the candidate who has most consistently opposed the state’s deal with Foxconn, and voters agree with Flynn. The Marquette poll found voters believe Foxconn will cost more than it’s worth, and 62% are concerned about what Foxconn will do to water quality. The poll also found that Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters are much more enthusiastic to vote in 2018 than Republicans and Republican-leaning voters, putting Walker’s re-election hopes at serious risk.

The full poll can be found by clicking here.