For Immediate Release
March 20, 2018

Democratic Challenger proposes real, long-term property tax relief for Wisconsin

(Milwaukee) – Democratic gubernatorial candidate Matt Flynn today attacked Scott Walker for his property tax stunt and offered a better approach to property tax relief.

“Property taxes in this state are far too high. It’s a regressive tax that hurts middle and low-income people the most. Scott Walker has slashed spending on education and public services, requiring over one million Wisconsinites to vote to raise their property taxes to make up for state cuts,” said Flynn.

“Now, as a cheap election year trick, Walker has eliminated the state portion of the property tax, to give the false impression that he’s addressing the problem. The state portion of the property tax was a very small amount at $17 per $100,000 valuation. This cut is far too small. It doesn’t touch the real problem,” said Flynn.

“We all know that this is not a viable long-term solution. Walker knows it too. It is a desperate ploy to survive a tough election year. This is especially unfair for low-income communities in rural and urban areas, which will continue to pay higher property taxes as a percentage of income than well-off areas,” said Flynn.

Rural Wisconsinites have also been hit hard by a land use law passed in the 1990s to artificially overvalue land not used for agriculture. According to the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram, one landowner in Eau Claire County saw a 164% property tax increase last year as a result.

Additionally, the so-called “dark store” loophole is allowing corporations to shift the property tax burden squarely on the shoulders of homeowners. Bipartisan efforts to close the loophole this year have failed due to Walker’s lack of leadership.

Matt Flynn’s plan to create property tax relief includes:

  1. A greater shift to the progressive income tax for state revenues.
  2. Closing the “dark store” loophole and valuing property for its actual use, not theoretical use.
  3. Ending foolish investments like the Foxconn deal, which will cost Wisconsinites $1,774 per household. Instead, I will use that money to lower property taxes.

“We need property tax relief for Wisconsin families,” said Flynn. “The state has had one of the highest effective property tax rates in the nation. As governor, I will restore fiscal responsibility. I will create long-term property tax relief and put an end to Walker’s reckless election year stunts.”