For Immediate Release
November 24, 2017

Vows to protect Wisconsinites’ right to access a free internet

(Milwaukee) – Matt Flynn, candidate for governor, today issued a strong statement in support of net neutrality and outlined the steps he would take to keep Wisconsin connected if elected next November.

Flynn said, “Participation in the information society is a fundamental human right. It is vital for our communities, for our culture, for our businesses, and for our democracy. As a citizen, I want all of us to be able to discuss with our fellow Americans the future of our communities, our states, and our country. As governor, I want all my constituents to receive vital information and to communicate as they see fit with no interference from any corporation.

“At present, the FCC is planning to do away with net neutrality at their December 14 meeting. I oppose this strongly. I will not stand for corporations building a wall between Wisconsinites – a wall between small businesses and customers, between families and friends, between students and teachers, between artists and audiences, and between government and the people. I will not let some Wisconsinites become second class citizens on the internet.

“I know how media conglomerates operate. I’ll take this to court if I must. Wisconsin will join the growing list of states fighting back against the overreach of the FCC and the corporate greed of media giants who lobby to suppress us.

“As governor, I will push for free and fair access statewide to the internet – without throttles, caps, blocks, or limits. I will use the legal, legislative, and intellectual resources of the state of Wisconsin to protect the right of communities to establish municipal broadband networks. We will ensure that no wall stands between our residents and the world.

“I’ll fight to repeal Wisconsin statutes which hamper communities that want to provide internet service for their people. In addition, I’ll create a state agency that works with the University of Wisconsin to help municipalities plan to provide local internet service and put referenda on local ballots authorizing leaders to do so.

“Throughout this campaign I have laid out plans to increase wages, provide strong healthcare, improve education, and clean up our government. Without equal access to the internet, any plans to improve this state will, at best, be only partially successful. For the future of the state, we need net neutrality. I’ll fight for it now and when I’m governor.”