For Immediate Release
January 23, 2018

Democratic challenger says the investigations are part of Walker’s “culture of corruption and authoritarianism.”

(Milwaukee) — Democratic gubernatorial candidate Matt Flynn today criticized Republicans for creating a “culture of corruption and authoritarianism.” Flynn focused on Wisconsin Republicans for their ongoing efforts to punish prosecutors and Government Accountability Board employees for their roles in the John Doe investigation.

“The corruption of the Walker Administration has spread to the Wisconsin Department of Justice. Now an instrument of the Republican Party, they are leading a witch hunt against faithful civil servants for their roles at the impartial Government Accountability Board during the John Doe investigation.

“Republicans on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, some of whom received large contributions from Republican interests, did not halt the attacks on faithful prosecutors and civil servants. The Justices shut down the John Doe investigation before it was concluded and ordered the evidence destroyed. They ignored the laws designed to protect prosecutors, allowing moneyed interests to attempt to intimidate future prosecutors from doing their jobs.

“Walker is afraid of the truth. His party is going to great lengths to prevent investigators and prosecutors from doing their jobs. He wants to hide his corrupt practices from the people of Wisconsin.

“I am running to be the state’s Chief Corruption Fighter. I will bring an end to the destructive culture that Republicans created. Cleaning up Wisconsin will be my legacy as governor.”