For Immediate Release
December 12, 2017

Democratic challenger calls it intrusive, wasteful, and offensive

(Milwaukee) – Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Matt Flynn today responded to the Walker Administration’s recent announcement that the state would drug test its food stamp recipients, despite previous warnings from the federal government that such a policy was illegal.

“I condemn this in the strongest terms. First, it is hypocritical. Walker and his Republican allies claim to be against intrusive big government, but there has never been a more intrusive, big-government administration in our state’s history.

“Second, this is foolishly wasteful of our state’s limited resources. By the administration’s own admission, fewer than one-third of one percent of all food stamp recipients will likely be identified as drug users. Numerous states have passed similar ‘reforms’ and have actually found that recipients of these programs test positive at a lower rate than the general population. These ‘reforms’ always cost more money than they save.

“Third, and most importantly, this policy is offensive in the extreme. It demeans people experiencing poverty. It is unconscionable.”