For Immediate Release
April 10, 2018

(Milwaukee) – Democratic gubernatorial candidate Matt Flynn today made the following statement on equal pay and gender equality in Wisconsin.

“Today is National Equal Pay Day. It is vital that we remember that the struggle for gender equality is ongoing. In Wisconsin, women earn 78 cents for every dollar a man earns. This is unacceptable. We must work harder to close the wage gap.

“In 2012, the GOP and Scott Walker repealed an important law that protected equal pay for equal work. Walker disrespects his constituents and expects to retain their votes. We need to restore legislation that protects working women from pay discrimination and vote Walker out.”

As governor, I will:

  • Protect women’s ability to challenge workplace discrimination with litigation.
  • Ensure women have equal access and opportunities in the job market.
  • Address hiring and promoting practices.
  • Make sure there are more women in high-level positions in state government and encourage Wisconsin companies to do the same.