For Immediate Release
December 11, 2017

Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Urges Passage of SB 291 and SB 292

(Milwaukee) – As mayors and village presidents around the state spend December 11 educating the public about dark store legislation and urging the State Senate to schedule a vote on SB 291 and SB 292, Democratic candidate for Governor Matt Flynn added his support to their collective effort.

“Without the passage of these bills, more and more of the property tax burden in Wisconsin will be shifted to homeowners,” said Flynn. “Middle class families should not be asked to shoulder any more of the tax burden.”

SB 291 and SB 292 were introduced in response to a 2008 Wisconsin Supreme Court decision that allowed a big box store to have their property assessed as if the store were a vacant “dark store” instead of a thriving business. When those business entities pay less than market rate assessment, the burden of those taxes is shifted to residential property owners, who see a tax increase. It becomes a shift of responsibility from businesses to homeowners. These two Senate bills have overwhelming, bipartisan support. SB 291 has 58 co-sponsors and SB 292 has 68 co-sponsors.

“I do not want to see homeowners face a tax increase,” Flynn remarked. “The State Senate should stop dragging its feet and schedule a vote on these two bills immediately.”