Upon review of cannabis legalization in other states, I believe it is time for Wisconsin to legalize marijuana. I am concerned about the impact of mass incarceration on our society, including both the social and financial impact. Under present law, people can easily acquire a felony record that effectively bars them from most employment for the rest of their lives. The financial burden on the criminal justice system is also unacceptable.

I also believe that legalizing marijuana will simply recognize a fact of life for many people, including the increasing use of medical marijuana by senior citizens to alleviate pain. Another result of legalization, although not the main reason for my position, will be the increased tax revenue and safety benefits that legalization will bring.

When elected I will:

  1. Support a public referendum on cannabis legalization in Wisconsin.
  2. Support action to remove marijuana from the federal list of Schedule I narcotics, standing up to Trump and Sessions.
  3. Pardon low-level cannabis offenders whose only offense was possession of cannabis, including growing, and a re-evaluation of dealing offenses, thereby reducing mass incarceration in our jails and prisons and removing the barriers to employment.

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